When traditional funding avenues fell short, Swiss 8 met the challenge head-on, transforming obstacles into opportunities.

The Challenge: Swiss 8’s quest to deliver proactive mental health support encountered an unexpected hurdle: a funding landscape dominated by established entities resistant to change. Despite the proven effectiveness of our programs, securing financial backing from traditional sources—government bodies and large veteran organizations—proved arduous.

The Response: In the face of this, Swiss 8 pivoted, embracing a social enterprise model under the brand Recalibr8. This bold move was designed to democratize funding, inviting the public to directly support our mission. Now, every purchase of Recalibr8 products fuels our ability to offer them to veterans at no cost.

Your support is more than a donation—it's an investment in a veteran's future.

We are an ACNC registered charity with a DGR-1 status. All donations above $2 are tax deductible.


Our scientifically-backed tools are coupled with Veteran lived-experience, aimed at the demographic most at risk of committing suicide. Swiss 8 is an agitator for change, we’re taking action where it’s needed the most. We’ve buried too many mates, and so have you. We need your help to keep operating, and to continue to work towards zero suicides.

Adrian Sutter, Founder & CEO

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Mental ill-health is not a veteran issue. It's a people issue. Our team of veterans have lived experience in dealing with disconnection, loss of identity, loss of purpose, anxiety and depression. We’re using this experience to create coaching platforms that assist you and your tribe in building a healthy, high performing lifestyle.